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With only 2% of Americans identifying as vegan, it's no wonder most people don't feel this lifestyle relates to them. I use Other Brown Vegan to showcase famous and every day vegans who love this lifestyle.

If you're a brown vegan interested in being featured on the blog, send me an email and I'll email over the questions. :-)


This week, Vegnspiration is sharing her story....

Check out     Vegnspiration     on Instagram and her weekly posts on   Empowerment Queen TV

Check out


on Instagram and her weekly posts on

Empowerment Queen TV

*How long have you been a vegan?  I began transitioning to veganism almost 3 years ago.


*What made you decide to embrace a plant-based diet? For health reasons, I initially decided to become a strict vegetarian. It started with finding out I was lactose intolerant. Then I found out my cholesterol was high, which I thought was odd for someone my age. Being predisposed to high blood pressure and diabetes also weighed in my decision. There was no way I could allow these things to overtake me and wreak havoc in my life as I had seen them do to so many I love. I knew the best method to evade such ills would be to make a drastic change to my diet. I started to do some research and was fortunate to participate on a 21-Day detox with a Facebook group. This fast-tracked me into plant-based living. 


*What was the hardest food (meat, dairy, eggs, etc) to move away from?  Honestly, I thought chicken would be my struggle. J But with all I had learned about the meat industry, giving up all meat was easy (as I had already stopped eating pork and beef about 15 years ago). Cheese was a breeze, too, since I was never really a cheese fanatic. I struggled a little with eggs, but the high cholesterol issue aided in my decision to give it up permanently. It took a few months.


*Any advice for new vegans? Simply approach food by doing what is familiar to you. Don’t dive in headfirst (unless you have a successful pattern with this approach). Start with baby steps, making the same meals as usual, just without meat. Keep educating yourself about the benefits of plant-based living and find a community (locally and/or online) to grow and learn with. The more you become aware, eliminating animal byproducts will be a no brainer. Over time, your preferences will change and the journey will become second nature. Just embrace your unique experience with going plant-based and don’t expect it to look like anyone else's.


*What are some of your favorite books/websites on veganism?  Honestly, food documentaries were my main source of education in the beginning. Forks over Knives, Vegucated, Food Matters, Food Inc. All these documentaries (and a growing list) heightened my awareness on the benefits of veganism/plant-based living, as well as the health risks of eating animal flesh and byproducts. Also, random goggling sessions on veganism have been a great source.  The China Study has proven a reliable resource as well. Otherwise, there are a few vegan foodies I follow on YouTube, such as yourself :-), but Instagram is my main source of inspiration these days.


*Please share a recipe you enjoy. Sweets have always been my weakness. Here's my Sweet Potato Pancake recipe. Enjoy! 


In a large bowl, stir dry ingredients together. Next, pour in melted #vegan butter (I use soy-free @earthbalance), vanilla extract. As for the milk, I didn't give measurements because you will add little by little as you stir the ingredients, until the #ingredients are well blended and the consistency is a thick batter. You don't want them runny. As for the sweet potato, for quick prep, pop it in the microwave (potato setting) until done. Once it's ready, split open, place butter inside (for taste, moisture and pliability), add vanilla extract and nutmeg. Mash and stir around (while still in potato skins) until #flavor is evenly distributed. Then take scoops of potato and incorporate into pancake batter. I do not use a blender, as I wanted a certain #texture. You may if you please. ;-) Mix well abd pour them into a skillet, on a griddle, or whatever you use. Serve them up however you please!


Thanks, Vegnspiration!



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