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Do You Need Expensive Kitchen Equipment?

I remember having kitchen equipment envy when I first became a vegan. All the blogs I read and YouTubers I watched had a Vitamix blender and fancy food dehydrators.  

It's been 3 years and I still don't any fancy equipment. Not because I don't want it (ha!) but because the equipment I have is still working from my old YouTube video

To get started, you only need a few items for your kitchen (you probably already have these items).......


Chef's knife -Chop it up!


Blender- I wouldn't get a $30 one because they usually can't handle cashews and other ingredients, but you can get a pretty powerful one for under $100. I have this KitchenAid one


Produce brush-You can get one for $5 at Target


Food Processor- If you don't have a food processor, I would recommend one that holds at least 5 cups and wouldn't spend less than $ my experience the cheaper ones aren't very good. I have a Giada food's pretty good but I wouldn't mind upgrading.

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