Easy Way to Ditch the Cow's Milk



Ha! It's funny how I never considered how unnatural drinking milk was until about 5 years ago.



Cow's milk was pushed on most of us at a very young age. There isn't a public school in America that doesn't require milk as an option on the lunch menu.

Like Colleen Patrick-Goudreau asked when I saw her speak at VegFest, "Why are using the middle man to get our calcium? Where does the cow get his vitamins? Eliminate the middleman and go right to the green leafy source (kale, spinach, collard green)."  Preach!

I'm a firm believer that the only way to completely make changes to your diet is by replacing the "bad stuff" with something else.

These days, even the most basic grocery store offers soy or almond milk as excellent alternatives to cow's milk. You can use plant-based milk for cooking and cereal and say goodbye to cow's milk forever.

If you haven't transitioned to plant-based milk yet, make that the first step in your vegan journey.

Check out this awesome chart with the many uses and nutritional benefits of the most common plant-based milks. 


When did you ditch the cow's milk or are you thinking about doing it?  If so, which plant-based milk is your favorite?