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What's Up, 2014?!

I read somewhere that only 10% of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually make changes to their lives. I believe that stat.

Since I’ve already started making these changes in 2013, I feel a little more comfortable sharing a few of my resolutions.

*Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

“Gratitude. That’s the gift I’m giving myself this year, and the gift you just might want to give yourself, too.” –Oprah

I started a gratitude journal and nearly every morning I reflect and write at least 3 things/situations that I’m grateful for. This has been life changing for me. Instead of thinking about what I don’t have, I’m forced to take a moment and embrace all of the beauty and love in my life right now. 

*Cook for parents once a month-For the longest time my parents have been trying to get me over to cook for them monthly. I live about 10 minutes from them and there’s truly no excuse why I haven’t been making more meals for them.


It was so fun making dinner for them on Christmas Eve!  I’ve already marked my calendar for our cooking sessions in January & February. Good food and quality time. :-)

*My theme for 2014-Get Uncomfortable. I’m not shy at all, but since my confidence isn’t the best, I prefer not to interact with people. It gives me sooo much anxiety. The thing is, I really want to get better at this. I always talk myself out of doing fun things and going to events. 

An event I attended back in November

An event I attended back in November

Each month I will attend an event (or local meetup group), say something that I’ve been afraid to say, or ask for something without fear of rejection. I have nothing to lose! Fuck fear and anxiety!

There are a lot of other areas in my life that I want to improve, but like I said in the other post, I need to focus on shutting up and working. lol

What about you? Are you making any changes in your life in the new year?

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