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Food Food & Mo' Food

I’m so full right now.Not just because I ate so much yummy vegan restaurant food over the weekend. I’m also emotional and spiritually full from the conversations I had about vegan life, minimalism, love and being vulnerable. It was amazing! It's sooo important to have a vegan community to share and grow with. I don't think I could've made it this far without one.


On Saturday I went to Great Sage In MD with (another cool) Monique and we ate up some delicious vegan dishes. We shared a Caesar salad, artichoke dip with Daiya vegan cheese on top, mac & cheese, and a chai tea ice cream float. Everything was so good.


I also ordered a roasted tempeh wrap (with griddled corn fritters and dijon coleslaw-OMG). I ended up eating that at home, since I was so full from everything else.


On Sunday I caught up with my girl Michelle at BusBoys & Poets. I ate the tempeh panini with roasted red peppers, sauteed onion, arugula & vegan mayo with a side of fries.

If you're in the DC area you have to try this sandwich....especially if you miss bacon. I had to open it to make sure it really wasn't bacon because the flavor and texture was so similar. lol

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