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Why "Go-To" Vegan Meals Are So Important

Life has been pretty busy for me lately, so I know from experience how important it is to establish “go-to” meals when you start your vegan journey.
You need simple & delicious meals that take no more than 30 mins to put together.
Last night…a basic spaghetti with fresh basil  (here's the recipe) saved me, when I got caught up with a project and forgot to cook dinner.

Yeah, I forgot to make dinner. Don't judge me. lol 
Lentil soup and a quick stir-fry are also my go-to meals.


I know getting started on this journey with a family isn’t always easy.  

One person likes this, one person likes that...or no one likes anything. 

This is why it's so important to experiment with new recipes, let majority rule (one will always not like something lol) and establish go-to meals.

Tips on how to establish your go-to meals:

Take a few minutes and think about what your family is already loving and make those your go-to meals (try to have at least 3). 
Check out the recipe page for inspiration.

You got this!

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