Where's Your Vegan Community?

Let's face it - this vegan life can get pretty lonely.

Your mama is worried that you're not eating enough and your best friend acts like you have 8 heads when you suggest a vegan restaurant.

It can be overwhelming at first - I've been there.

One of the most important things you can do is find a community to spend time with.

Interaction with like-minded people will: 

  • keep you accountable
  • show that you're not alone
  • give you peeps to bounce ideas off of and vent to

How to find your vegan community:

  • See what's going on in your local area using meetup.com - search for vegan/vegetarian groups that connect at restaurants and do other activities together. 
  • Follow folks you resonate with on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (all of my real like vegan friends came from these sites). Be sure to connect with these folks, too! Be active :-)
  • Join a few Facebook groups-Facebook groups are very different from regular pages....they feel more intimate and are a great way to ask questions and share experiences. 
  • See if your county (or a neighboring one) offers vegan/vegetarian festivals - There are so many vegan festivals that happen during the summer/early fall that offer music, food, speakers and of course sooo many like-minded folks. Vegan.com has a list of festivals. Also, Google the nearest major city to you and "vegetarian festivals" and see what you get
  • If all else fails, start your own community. :-) Start a Facebook group and/or blog and go from there. Like-minded folks will find and want to connect with you! Here's more info on how to start your own group.

In this video, I chatted with my friend Lisa (who isn't a vegan) about some of my vegan doubts and how I was able to feel better once I connected with some vegan friends the following week.

Enjoy the journey but don't do it alone! Find that community and order the whole menu like I do with Michelle. lol

Leave me a comment below when you find your vegan community. :-)