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As We Bring 2014 to A Close... | Reflections

I spent Sunday night sipping on whiskey (a new experience) and redoing my vision board. My initial plan was to just update it, but I realized most of the pics & quotes were outdated and random (I had a pic of Andre 3000 on it and don't remember why lol). 

I can't believe how much clarity came from this simple project! I visualized the life I want for the new year and feel sooo confident that it will come true. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can have the life that I want and deserve. My best life is right outside of my comfort zone.

I still can't believe the year is over. So many lessons learned and a few awesome milestones.

  • We finally moved closer to DC (10-min drive, baby!)
  • I workout nearly daily - even though it's usually a very light workout, I show up.
  • I've been more courageous about my experiences and putting myself out there more

The new vision board is centered around my kids, upgrading my life physically, travel, gratitude, improving my diet and finally seeking help for my depression.

In January, I declared 2014 my year of uncomfortable and overall it was a success:

  • Taught a meal planning class online
  • Was more candid about my food struggles & depression
  • Paid for biz coaching
  • Met online friends in person (this used to scare the shit out of me)
  • Shopped for makeup at Sephora & had an consultation
  • Took a solo trip to NYC
  • Raised the price of the guide and was more open about promoting my biz. 

Going forward into 2015, I will...

  • Focus on more action and less thinking (I overanalyzed everything so I didn't get as much done this year)
  • Take being uncomfortable to the next year...basically get comfortable being uncomfortable to stretch myself
  • Self- care & gratitude over errthang!

As far as the Brown Vegan brand goes, I will be more visible in the new year. I will bring you consistent quality content, offer more products/services that will get you started on a long-term vegan journey, and make genuine connections with peeps in my community.

Most importantly, I will get out of my own way!

A vision board & goals are only as good as the action you take to move forward in your life.

Let's rock out 2015 together!

What were youR wins this year and how do you plan to step it up in 2015?

Have you ever made a vision board?


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