Brussels Sprouts | Awesome "Discovery"

I didn't grow up on brussels sprouts. I had them once (as a kid) at someone's house and they were umm interesting. Ok, let me be real...they were overcooked and flavorless. No thanks!


A week ago, I saw this beautiful display at my grocery store and decided to give them another chance.  I went to my Instagram and Facebook for feedback on the best way to prepare them and went to work!

Unfortunately, vegetables are often seen as an afterthought and not the main event in a meal.  I don't want my kids (or any other kids) to put their noses up at vegetables because time wasn't taken to season and cook them properly.


I'm sooo in love with brussels sprouts now! To me, the taste and texture is a cross between broccoli and cabbage (they're in the same family as these vegetables). It's not mushy and the flavor is amazing! I cut them in half, chopped off the bottoms and roasted them for 25 minutes at 400ยบ.  I only used olive oil, fresh garlic, salt & pepper to prepare them.

 Is there a vegetable you weren't fond of as a kid? I challenge you to discovery that vegetable again as an adult. :-)

Hey, okra, you're next boo! lol

Playing while I roasted: Clip of Jay-Z's Master Class episode "Excellence is being about to perform at a high level for a long period of time."