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What's Up, 2014? Mid-Year Update

Do you remember your New Year's resolutions? It's okay if you don't because that was my life for many years.  I still have a lot of work to do, but I can see improvements in my life.

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2013 Lessons

What's Up, 2014?

*Have I been uncomfortable? Hell yeah! My theme for 2014 is get uncomfortable-say and do things that scare the shit out of me. I started a little journal earlier this year to track all of my uncomfortable antics. So far, I've launched a 30-Day Vegan Jump-start, paid a chunk of change for biz coaching, met some YouTube & blogging peeps in person (I usually avoid this type of stuff), posted some pics on Instagram without filter (it's silly to think that this is uncomfortable lol), talked about my products and services more, did 2 live Q&A calls with my audience and a slew of other things that I would have NEVER done before.

Lesson learned: For the rest of my life, I will always have a theme for the new year. It's so much easier than a long list of resolutions.

*I'm still a scaredy cat, but not nearly as much as I used to be. It's crazy how you go most of your life not caring much about what people think, only to let an online presence mess with you. I will continue to practice doing me.

*I will also continue to practice enjoying the journey. I tell myself often that I should stop worrying about not having enough disposable income to do some of the things I want our family to enjoy together. Even though there's not room for "extras," our life is very simple right now. Enjoy the journey, Monique! You will regret not doing that.

I think this quote is from Frank Ocean

I think this quote is from Frank Ocean

*I really need to get back to shut up and work!  I've been talking way too much. I check in with my accountability partner once a week, but outside of that, I find myself yapping too much to Eric and my bestie about some of the things I want to do. It holds me back. I will practice silence and get the work done. Derek Sivers was right!

*Gratitude is a game-changer. When I get down about something I always go to my journal and reflect on things that are awesome in my life. It works every time.

Recipe  here

Recipe here

*I love cooking for the parents! Often my days, weeks and months run together, so carving out time monthly to cook and chill with my parents is essential. I will definitely continue this ritual!

*Being a woman of my word is still a challenge. I know...I know. I just have a hard time saying "no" and then get mad at myself later for committing. I still need major help in this area. I will practice.

Have you kept up with your resolutions or are you starting a new set for the last half of the year? Leave a comment

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