You're Already Eating Vegan

Someone left this comment on my YouTube channel last week….
“OMG! I had no idea that vegan food is in fact, FOOD! Hahaha. I’m on board! What’s next?”
I've been there! Before we started this journey, I remember thinking there's no way in hell vegan meals can be every day food. I also thought vegan meals were tasteless and boring.

Now I know better!
The beauty of this lifestyle is that you’re already eating a lot of these foods Every. Single. Day.
The thing is, now you and your family will eat even more of the foods that will make you feel and look good (more fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, etc).
The simplest way to get started on a vegan journey is by replacing your meat, eggs, and dairy with plant-based alternatives.
Check out these examples with breakfast, lunch and dinner:
Breakfast: Pancakes (replace your cow's milk with a plant-based one like almond or soy-here’s our favorite pancake recipe), vegan breakfast sausage (brands like Lightlife and Field Roast are awesome) and fresh fruit

Pic from  this blog post

Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwiches (Daiya vegan cheese, vegan margarine and sourdough bread-check out this quick video demo) and a side salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber & onion) with balsamic vinaigrette

Recipe for burger  here

Recipe for burger here

Dinner: Hamburger, fries and broccoli…Instead of a beef patty you can enjoy a firm and delicious veggie burger (here’s the recipe for our fave-it's amazing on the grill!).
See how you're already eating this stuff?!
With a few adjustments, you can start replacing your favorite meals with healthier alternatives right now!

It’s all about replacing it, baby!

The next time you go to the grocery store, what will you replace?
It can be as simple as swapping your cow’s milk out with almond or soy milk or buying Earth Balance vegan margarine instead of conventional butter. 

Make it happen!