How I Got My Hubby To Replace His Cheddar Popcorn | Earth Balance Popcorn

Eric isn't a vegan, but he is very vegan-friendly.

Let me explain...

He enjoys the vegan meals that I cook, but will still eat frozen cheese pizza (at home) and wings when we eat out.

I've heard horror stories about spouses not being as open-minded, so I'm very fortunate that he's willing to eat ( and enjoy) vegan meals at home. 

I've always tried to be respectful of his meal decisions (as he is with mine), so Eric being "vegan-friendly" is a good enough compromise for our family.

Overall, I feel this way about most people on a vegan journey. It really is about progress and not being perfect.

We recently tried Earth Balance cheddar popcorn and we love it! I didn't think Eric would be a fan since he usually eats Smart cheddar popcorn (which isn't vegan).

This popcorn has a hint of cheddar flavor, is non-GMO and "buttered" using Earth Balance vegan margarine. It's a winner! He even agreed that we can replace this Smart popcorn with this brand.


Have you had a chance to try this popcorn? What did you think?