Evolve Restaurant- DC | Vegan While Out

I met up with my girl Monique for soul food and conversation at Evolve restaurant in DC last weekend.

The food and atmosphere is on point! 

I know this sounds random....but I love vegan restaurants with a bar.

Not just because I like to have a sip (I do lol) but because there's this misconception that veganism is boring, too strict and not a lifestyle that you can do long-term.

Being a vegan is as fun as you make it!

Evolve has a sports bar feel, so I like that people can come to the restaurant for a drink, watch the game and then order some vegan wings to go with it.

This was my first time at their DC location (even though I eat their food at DC Veg Fest). 

I ordered vegan fried chicken, macaroni & cheese and garlic kale salad.

Oh and cherry vegan cheesecake for dessert....


I wish I took more pictures but I wasn't planning to do a blog post, so I ran my mouth the whole time.

I have no regrets. :-)

I don't have the recipes for the food I ate at Evolve but I do have a vegan fried chicken recipe here; kale salad recipe here & and a vegan macaroni & cheese recipe here.