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Other Brown Vegans You Should Check Out

I started this blog back in 2011 because I didn't feel like there were a lot of vegans of color online...especially sharing from the family perspective. 

These days (mostly because of social media) I see so many black vegans doing their thing to make vegan life relatable to folks who look like us.

Striving with Systems recently posted 100 Black Vegans to Check Out to highlight many of us outchea!

Check out this amazing full list here 

With only about 2% of Americans identifying as vegan, being a black vegan can seem like such a drop in the bucket. We're probably only about .005 of that 2%. lol 

This is why I try so hard to be one of the faces of this amazing movement.

Breeze Harper was the person who motivated me to start this journey after reading her book, Sistah Vegan. It was the first time that I saw veganism from the perspective of black women in America (this book is an incredible collection of vegan stories).

I'm writing this post to not only share this amazing list, but I also want to encourage you to get out there and be a face of this movement.

Even if you haven't made the full transition to vegan life, your experiences are still so important. 

Share and connect! We need you!

How will you start sharing your vegan (or even vegetarian) experiences?


A blog?

Maybe a podcast sharing some of your own vegan tips?

Let me know by leaving a comment


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