2017 Will Be Everything You Want

I think we all can agree that 2016 was....umm interesting. *sigh*

2017 will be an amazing year tho! I'm claiming it! 

An amazing year of wellness (physical, mental and emotional).

An amazing year of chasing down our dreams (yes, I'm talking and you and me!)

An amazing year of delicious vegan food (of course).

An amazing year of love, genuine connections and doing things that make us uncomfortable in order to get the lives we've always wanted.

Are you with me?

Let's step into 2017 like this every. single. day...

I want to take a moment and thank you allowing me to spend time with you in your inbox. I appreciate all the emails of encouragement, feedback and vegan questions.

You inspire me to do and be better! Thank you. :-)

Now is the perfect time to start your vegan journey with confidence and consistency!

You can do this and I am right here to help make it happen.

In a few weeks, I will release Zero to Vegan -- a 14-day course that will empower you to stay vegan once you get started.

I taught Zero to Vegan twice in a live workshop earlier this year (it was awesome!), so I decided to turn it into a full course with video, audio, a full 14-day meal plan, interactive workbook, and private Facebook group for support.

This course will give you the accountability you need to move forward!

No more drinking green smoothies one week and BBQ chicken the next. Chile!

You don't have to be alone. Get the support you need to make it happen!

Questions? Tweet me :-)