My 30-Day Plan to Get Back On YouTube Consistently


I started my main YouTube channel in 2012, and it has led to so many incredible opportunities -- brand sponsorships (even one with Whole Foods), speaking & cooking demos, and product sales.

In my opinion, video is one of the easiest ways to stand out in a crowded online space. 

Even though I believe video is the most effective way to build a brand & business these days, I haven't always been the most consistent with my YouTube channel.

I really miss posting videos, so I’m working on finally coming back to YouTube!

Why I’ve been gone so long…

The truth is, it started as a little break back in 2016 and I haven’t been able to regain my footing ever since.

I tried to come back a couple of months ago (with this video), but self-sabotaging thoughts got in the way…

  • “No one cares enough to watch you on YouTube anymore."

  • “You’ve been around forever and you’re still not good at this.”

  • “You’ve gained too much weight over the last couple of years to be on camera.”

  • “You’re not health conscious enough for the YouTube community.”

It has taken me a while to push those thoughts aside, but I’m ready to make it happen!

What are my goals?

  • Even though I went a while not feeling like I could contribute much to the vegan community, I now feel my voice is different and that’s a great thing!

  • Sharing my experiences keeps me accountable with my own vegan journey (it gets tough sometimes) and allows me to help vegan-curious folks get started.

  • To connect with vegan-curious, vegetarian and vegan peeps online.

  • Sell more digital products and secure more offline opportunities.

  • Add brand sponsorships as a consistent stream of income to my business.

The Plan…

One of the major reasons I couldn't stay on track? I didn't have a plan to produce video content consistently.

  • Brainstorm video ideas using questions from my social media and ideas I have floating around in my head. Record all ideas in Evernote.

  • Plan, experiment in the kitchen, and always film (even when I don’t plan to release the video) to practice my craft.

  • Decide on the next 6 videos I want to record.

  • Visualize how each video will look and jot down notes on my legal pad and Moleskine notebook.

  • Batch record (multiple videos at a time) and editing, so I don’t burn out.

  • Figure out which parts of video creation can be outsourced (filing, editing, grocery shopping, etc.) and budget to delegate these tasks ASAP.

  • Finally, give myself grace! Perfection is overrated!

    My goal is to be on a consistent YouTube schedule by November 20, 2018.

Wish me luck!

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Have you started adding video to your brand and business? How is it going for you?