7 Tips to Enjoy Eating Out As A Vegan (VIDEO)

Eating out should be fun but sometimes as a vegan, it’s just stressful. Don’t use this lifestyle as an excuse to not eat out or socialize.

Here are some tips on how to eat out as a vegan:

*Check the menu online to give you a head start on what’s available-This will help you start thinking about what the server can modify for you. Sometimes you may get stuck with just a salad and fries but it’s good to know that ahead of time.

*Seek out local/no-chain restaurant- They tend to more accommodating and have vegan options already on the menu (Asian restaurants come to mind)

*Get comfortable with your server-Get specific with what you don’t want on you plate. Saying you’re vegan isn’t enough because some people don’t know exactly what that means.

*Look at side dishes for ideas-steamed vegetables, French fries, applesauce, baked potatoes

*If you’re going to party, eat before you leave.

*You can also bring a dish to share with the group to guarantee that you will have something to eat

*Happycow.net is an awesome resource to locate vegan restaurants near your home or while traveling. Simply enter your zip code to start exploring your options.

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