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December 2016 Recap and Going Forward with 2017

So ummm, yeah.

See my last monthly intentions post here

I knew about 10 days into December that all of my plans for the month were out the window.

Instead, I spent that time reflecting and planning for 2017.

Christmas was nice. The kids are healthy. Eric is thriving in his business (he's still adjusting to self-employment) and I worked a ton on Zero to Vegan.

As a matter of fact, I finally launched Zero to Vegan!

Life is good.

What I Will Leave Behind in 2016

  • Only working when I feel "inspired" -- The truth is, I usually only feel inspired about 8 days out of the month. This is exactly why I don't get my work done. I will be disciplined and consistent.
  • Vague ass goals -- Instead of saying, "I will make 3 videos this month" I need to know what those videos will be and work on a plan to get it done.  I will make my monthly & weekly goals specific and actionable.

Going Forward

  • Schedule breaks from social and the internet (UNPLUGGING is good for the soul)
  • I refuse to be afraid to put myself out there! I've been doing this more by going live on Facebook & Instagram (I'm loving IG live the most).
  • Making real money from both businesses (so tired of scraping by) -- more disposable income to save, travel and give. I wrote down income goals and recalculated all of my expenses during my time off in December.
  • No more major work after October of each year -- I will use November to reflect and plan and December to celebrate, rest and reflect some more in the coming years.
  • More date nights with Eric and solo dates with the kids

Intentions for January 2017:

  • Pre-sale the hell out of Zero to Vegan (super excited to get this out!)
  • Make 1st therapy appointment
  • Take 2 days off from work during the last week of the month (sleep, catch up on shows and chill hard as hell)

Consistency goals for January:

  • Upload 4 YouTube videos (Small Grocery Haul, "Meaty" Lasagna,  Black Bean Spaghetti review, One Pot Weeknight Dinner)
  • 1 free workshop (4 Steps You Must Take to Go Vegan in 2017)
  • 2 podcast episodes (Where to Start & Jos interview)
  • Film "meaty" lasagna & What We Ate Today videos

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What are you leaving behind in 2016? Leave me a comment






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