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February 2017 Intentions

One of my mom's favorite sayings is, "time waits for no one."

She's right!

January was busy, exciting, exhausting and rewarding. I swear it feels like late April (not February) because of everything that happened. 

Not only did I work hard on this brand, I also shifted my focus to my other brand, This Biz Life.

2017 is going to be about planting seeding and watering my soil.

I can feel it!

Reflections from the month:

  • I gave myself permission to not be perfect. I will work hard, but I have to put my ideas and products out if I want to improve. Also, I was okay this month with putting out 2 videos on my YouTube channel that weren't heavily produced. 
  • Genuine connections are everything -- I opened myself up to connect more and it feels amazing!
  • Focusing on one thing at time until completion is key to maximizing my productivity. I have to focus on one thing at time if I want to win!
  • I really need to hire someone to help with behind the scenes work. 


Update on My Intentions for January 2017:

  • Pre-sale the hell out of Zero to Vegan DONE! Listen to my takeaways from that launch on this podcast episode.
  • Make therapy appointment NOT DONE
  • Take 2 days off from work during the last week of the month (sleep, catch up on shows and chill hard as hell) DONE

Update on My Consistency Goals for January:

Intentions for February 2017

  • Focus on ONE project at a time (my brain is spinning with so many ideas)
  • Write detailed outline for vegan family course
  • Go for a 30-min walk Tuesdays & Tuesdays
  • Make a therapy appointment
  • Pre-sale Simple Side Hustle workshop on This Biz Life site


Consistency Goals for February





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