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Field Roast Hand-Formed Burger Taste Test Video

When I started my vegan journey back in 2010, I remember not being the biggest fan of veggie burgers made from beans. The mushy texture just wasn't my style and I wanted something more familiar. 

These days it's easy to find burgers with a firm texture and delicious flavor.

I was excited to see the whole line of Field Roast vegan products at Safeway (a regular grocery store) last week.

It's good to know that Field Roast products are becoming more accessible because I remember you could only find them at Whole Foods and other health food stores.

Their products are just too good to be a secret!

In this video, I try their hand-formed burger on camera for you. :-)

Watch it here...

When you're ready to transition your family to more vegan meals, it's helpful to have good meat and cheese alternatives to make this lifestyle change possible.

All three of my kids love this product, so I will definitely buy it again!

I paid about $6 for four patties at Safeway, so I will say this product is pricey for a family (we need 2 packs for our family).

Field Roast Hand-Formed burgers are juicy, flavorful and have the firm texture that we expect from a burger.

Using a little oil, It takes less than 6 minutes on medium heat to fry up these patties.

Simple. Familiar. Delicious.


Resources mentioned in the video:

Find Field Roast products near you at

Just Mayo is the vegan mayo I used -- You can find it at Target.

My fave homemade vegan burger is here


Have you tried any of their products yet? 

Which is your fave?

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