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Vegans Can Eat Scrambled Eggs, Too! Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg Review

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Can vegans eat scrambled eggs? Yes ma'am! 

I remember hearing rumors about a vegan scrambled egg about 2 years ago and Follow Your Heart finally launched it!


So why not just scramble a chicken egg?

  • Vegan eggs are more sustainable - 1 dozen chicken eggs = 6.6 worth of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eating eggs is animal cruelty - This article breaks down the horrors of the egg industry
  • High in saturated fat & cholesterol; which increases your chance of heart disease & diabetes This video sums up (in 60 secs) why eggs aren't healthy...


What is the Follow Your Heart vegan egg made out of? The first 3 ingredients are whole algal flour (ingredient derived from algae), whole algal protein and modified cellulose 

The product is gluten-free, non-GMO and soy-free


Where can you order it? I purchased mine from Amazon but Rabbit Food Grocery (vegan grocery store in Austin) has it too.


I will say that I've never been a fan of scrambled eggs, so my opinion may be biased because of this. lol

Many people in my YouTube comments had great success with the product, so if you're a egg lover this may be perfect for you. 

Watch me prep, scramble and eat the scrambled eggs with my kids below...

Some tips:

  • Use a blender to make "fluffier" eggs
  • Black salt will give it more of an "egg" flavor
  • Be sure to also use other seasonings that you would typically use when making your eggs
  • Make sure you're using COLD water to make the eggs
  • Practice makes perfect - don't give up if it doesn't work the first couple of times.

Check out my previous review with using the vegan egg in baking recipes here 

Have you tried the Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg yet? What did you think?

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