My 4 Go-To Vegan Meals | Lazy Vegan Style | Q&A

Question: What are some of your grocery staples and go-to meals? I'm going shopping in a few and really need some ideas as to what I should get for my home. I need all really easy ideas because I don't really like cooking. Thanks!

Answer: I consider myself a "lazy" vegan, so a lot of our meals are super simple.

If I didn't have to cook for my family, I would probably eat cereal, veggie wraps & vegan ice cream all day. lol #realtalk

My 4 current lazy go-to meals are...

*Tacos with black beans, salsa, lettuce and tomato or tacos with Beyond Meat crumbles

*Fried rice using leftover rice, onion, peas and carrots


*Stir-fry with vegan sausage, bell peppers, onion, carrots, seasoning (served with rice)


*Spaghetti with marinara sauce and fresh basil 


All of these meals take less than 30 minutes!

Some items that are usually on our grocery list: green leafy vegetables (like kale, spinach, romaine lettuce), carrots, bananas, almond milk, potatoes, rice, bell peppers, beans, mushrooms, garlic, onion & avocados.

I did a podcast episode with more details about our grocery list here 

I hope this is helpful!

I'll just post this video....

...since I was listening while writing this post.

Have a fab day!