Let's Get It! - Goals for Dec 2015

I started this series to hold myself accountable on monthly goals and as a chance to reflect on the previous month. I used to be one of those people who only thought about my life on my birthday or on New Year's day. I want to focus on a more intentional life.

Check out my goal posts from the last several months here.

Goodness! This month went by sooo fast and I don't feel like I got much done. *tears* It was just one of those months. 

Anyway, here were the intentions/goals for last month....

  • Take family portraits
  • Test out a 5 AM - 10 AM work schedule
  • Cook dinner for my parents
  • Start A Consistent Podcast Schedule (4 episodes a month)
  • Release a free email course on how to go vegan with a family

Take fam portraits - [NOPE] I let this project overwhelm me. I spent more time thinking about what we should wear than setting a date and making it happen. To be honest, I forgot this was my goal for the month until around the 20th. *sigh* We will definitely get this done in December!

5 AM - 10 AM - [SOMEWHAT] I'm still struggling with this one because when 10 AM comes around, I have a hard time shutting everything down. I'm motivated to maintain the 5 AM wake up time though because my "office" is no longer in my bedroom. I really have to get as much done before everyone wakes up.

Cook dinner for my parents [YES] Thanksgiving with my parents was nice.

Consistent podcast schedule [ALMOST] I released 3 podcast episodes in November! Woo hoo! I haven't released that many since December 2014. Sad but true.

Release a free email course - [YES] So excited to finally have this one out! If you need help with meal planning, grocery shopping, dealing with picky eaters and going vegan, this free email course is perfect for you! Get the free course here


5 Intentions for the New Month

  • Walk daily - Man, oh man, this colder weather is messing with my flow. I've been eating too much and not walking nearly as much as I should. I live across the street from the gym, so I can't even make an excuse about not at least getting on the treadmill.
  • Get a part-time job - This has been on my calendar for months!
  • Take family portraits - Gotta get this done since the pics are Christmas gifts for our parents
  • Read 2 books - I've been slacking on this one for a few months now. I used to read every.single. day. but my reading has been replaced with scrolling Baller Alert on Instagram, Snapchat and catching up on shows on Hulu. The struggle.
  • Attend TWO fun social events - Even though these 2 events are on my calendar, I have to type it here, so that I will actually attend. lol

How I did on consistency goals -

  • 4 podcast episodes (posted 3 in November and had a record month for episode. downloads!) Check out my vegan podcast here
  • 2 YouTube videos (posted 1 in November - I don't think that one video counts because I was just telling folks that I had a free Thanksgiving workshop coming up. Chile! lol)
  • Post at least once a day on Facebook  (umm, I didn't think this one)
  • Send out a weekly newsletter to the folks on my list [DONE]
  • 1 blog post that isn't related to my YouTube videos, the podcast or this monthly recap [I published a whopping 4 posts this month]
  • 1 free virtual workshop [DONE- the Thanksgiving workshop went really well!]

Overall, I did a decent job with consistency. I will work hard to get YouTube back on track and spend more time writing more quality blog posts.

Consistency goals for December:

  • 3 YouTube videos
  • 4 podcast episodes
  • 2 blog posts
  • 1 virtual workshop

That's it for the month!

What are you goals for December? Let me know in the comments.