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March 2017 Intentions

Overall my February was blah. I will spare you the details and instead focus on making March a better month.

Update on My Intentions for February 2017:

  • Focus on ONE project at a time (my brain is spinning with so many ideas) DONE
  • Write detailed outline for vegan family course NOT DONE
  • Go for a 30-min walk Tuesdays & Tuesdays DONE
  • Make a therapy appointment NOT DONE
  • Pre-sale Simple Side Hustle workshop on This Biz Life site DONE

Update on My Consistency Goals From February:

Intentions for March 2017

  • Write detailed outline for Start with Video course
  • Go for a 30-min walk M-F
  • Make a therapy appointment - you wouldn't believe how hard this has been for me *sigh* Finding a good therapist is no joke
  • Cook all of our meals instead of eating out

Consistency Goals for March 2017

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