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May 2017 Intentions

This article was originally posted on my other site, This Biz Life.

I looked at my post from December 2016 to see how I was doing on leaving behind things that no longer serve me and moving forward to greatness, and realized I hadn't posted an update in a while.

So here goes...

Intentions & Reflections:

Build & Serve -- My focus for May is to work on growing my audience (reaching 40K YouTube subscribers -- currently at 39,733 and grow my email list by 200 people), provide quality content (on YouTube & the podcast) and focus on money-generating activities.

Mo'Money Mo' Money -- I set an income goal for the first time since February! I swear it's like the universe heard me right away because dope paid opportunities are falling right in my lap.

Digital Girl Going Offline -- One of the things I've embraced this year is the power of offline paid opportunities. Even though it can be very uncomfortable (and I don't feel like I know what the hell I'm doing lol), I love being able to connect and hug folks in person.

I did my first paid cooking demo in Baltimore back in March!


I also have speaking gigs at the Kansas City VegFest and Vegan Soul Fest coming up this summer.

Since I plan to work offline more, I've been thinking about the importance of having physical products to offer at events. I'm still not sure what I will offer...just that I need to figure it out.

Unplug -- My phone was acting crazy last month and shut down twice for several hours. I went from panic to bliss during those hours, and it reminded me just how important it is to unplug. This month I will let my battery go dead and then stay offline for several hours. I scroll social media way too much.


Intentions for May 2017:

  • Get a summer curriculum for the kids
  • Continue to add videos and PDFs to the Simple Side Hustle course (I need to finish this!!!)
  • Add a dedicated page to the Brown Vegan site to promote offline opportunities.
  • Write an email sales sequence for Zero to Vegan
  • Write an email sales sequence for Ready Set Go Vegan
  • Make a doctor's appointment

Consistency Goals for February

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