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Q&A: What Should I Do If My Child Doesn't Like Vegetables?

Q: It seems like you are the only vegan African-American woman on YouTube with older children that can relate to me. I am new to eating a plant-based diet and I want to transition my two children whom is 9 and 8 years old. I'm having a hard time with my youngest because he only like corn, carrots, green beans, peas and lettuce. Any advice?


A: I can relate! My son Elijah didn't like any vegetables when we started this lifestyle.

Here are some tips....

*Continue to put vegetables on his plate (even if it's just a tablespoon) because exposure is so important.

*Just say no to bland and mushy veggies! Be sure to season your vegetables and don't overcook them - A little salt, pepper and garlic powder goes a long way -- Roasted, lightly steamed and sautéed vegetables are much more appealing.

*Let your son explore the produce department with you once a month. Encourage him to pick out something to try, then go home and cook it together. It's hard for most kids to turn down food they cooked.

*Add about a cup of greens to smoothies (spinach is a good start because you can't taste it) This is a delicious and sneaky way for him to get more greens.

*Have fun, be gentle with him and I promise it will get better.

The fact that your son likes green beans and peas is amazing! Most people don't even like those vegetables. lol

I hope this question helped you with your own family. I promise it will get better with consistency.

My son Elijah eats a lot more vegetables these days and is really open-minded about food overall. :-)

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