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$100 vegan meal challenege

Grocery Shopping for $100 Vegan Challenge

Read more about the challenge here.

Here's what we had in the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets before I went to the store....


Cooked chickpeas, rice, spaghetti are in the plastic bowls


We keep peanut butter, seeds, cacao powder, sugar, agave nectar, etc. in this cabinet.

What I picked up from the grocery store.....


The bill came to $112.


What's on the menu for the next week?

Chickpea tacos

BBQ tofu

Vegan Alfredo pasta

Portobello lasagna


Black bean wraps

French toast

Seitan Wraps

I plan to post pictures of each meal.

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The $100 Vegan Challenge is Coming & Grocery Haul

I've learned a lot since my last $100 challenge and look forward to doing another one in the next few weeks.

If you're not familiar, last year I spent $100 on food for one week to debunk the myth that all vegan eating is expensive.

We typically spend about $650 per month on food, so $100 was really pushing it. We survived.

I'm feeling more confident this time around and look forward to sharing the recipes and our experience.

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Read more about the $100 challenge here.

Here's a video of my last grocery store trip...

I spent $135 on this trip but several factors went into the cost...

*I had all 3 kids with me

*I purchased a lot of organic products

*I purchased some vegan pre-packaged food-always a budget buster

Without those factors, my bill could have easily been reduced by about $25.

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