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Are dunkin donuts vegan

Dunkin' Donuts Offers Almond Milk | Vegan Victory

Dunkin 'Donuts is rolling out almond milk as an option starting this week! This is exciting news for folks looking for a more compassionate (and healthy) option for their morning coffee.

At this time, there aren't any vegan donuts on the menu (their donuts contain eggs & dairy) but you can enjoy their bagels with your coffee.

Their plain, blueberry, garlic, salt, onion & sesame seed bagels are all vegan (here's the full list). Oh, and the hash browns are vegan, too!

Look for the "AM" label on their store locator to see if the location near you has almond milk on the menu.

The nearest location to me doesn't offer it yet but the one about 2 miles from there does. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I'm excited that my vegan friends on the go can enjoy almond milk in their coffee. I'm all about celebrating the progress and not trashing companies who aren't perfect. 

Will this change make you consider drinking Dunkin' Donuts' coffee while on the go?


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