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are your kids vegan

Are Your Kids Vegan Too?

I was talking to one of my Twitter buddies the other day about how I handle my kids eating non-vegan food at school or any other time.  

This is the post that initated that conversation


At home, my kids eat a mostly vegan diet and I pack a vegan lunch every day for school.  They eat what other kids enjoy...cookies, cakes, French fries, pizza-just without dairy or meat.  I also make sure to have plenty of fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds on hand, so they can snack on these items after school and on the weekends.  

Up until very recently, Theodore (my youngest son) was still eating grilled cheese sandwiches on the weekends, and Simon (my oldest) had an ice cream cake for his birthday earlier this month.  

When the boys aren't with me, I let them make their own food decisions.  I educate them about the importance of eating plant-based food, but ultimately I can't watch their every move.  It is my responsibility to provide the information but just as important for them to make their own decisions.

We've only been on this journey for about 20 months and I'm so amazed at the progress we have made as a family.   We still have a lot to learn (and they still reject plenty of recipes lol) but overall it has been a positive experience.

While sitting outside earlier today (the weather was gorgeous!), Alvin wanted to know if I would make cupcakes for his class on his next birthday.   I said yes and he asked, "Will they be vegan?" I nodded and his response, "Good."

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