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DC VegFest 2013

I had such an amazing time at DC VegFest last weekend!


I spent so much talking that I didn't eat nearly as much as I usually do.


I started off with a spicy veggie & noodle bowl- Very good! Eric had his with rice that tasted like it was cooked in coconut milk. Yummy!


I really enjoyed chatting with Ayinde (India Arie's personal chef) and Tracye McQuirter


Ayinde doesn't know this yet but we're cooking together one day. I'm speaking that one into existence! 


Look at me slamming Gena's face...Lawd! lol She's such a sweetheart. Read her VegFest recap and try her Sweet Potato Pesto salad recipe here.


I connected with Lisa and her husband Darren of the Flax Seasoning brand. We hit it off so much that I see play dates (our sons love Mine Craft) and family dinners in our near future. Stay tuned for a review of the Flax Seasoning line in the next few weeks.


My workout boo, Clarissa was there, too. Maybe I should start working out more instead of talking so much. lol


I'm so glad that I finally met Verawnica. We've "known" each other on Twitter for like 3 years. She's super down to earth and I can't wait to hang out with her.


I loved chatting it up with this other cool a$$ Monique. She has amazing energy. :-) 


I spent the last couple hours of the day eating a terrible crab cake (at least it looked good lol)


...and some much needed catching up with Michelle. :-)

Did I mention I took a plate of BBQ tofu, collard greens and vegan macaroni & cheese from Everlasting Life Cafe to eat the next day? I had to do it.


Shout out to the hubby for being the photographer and amazing support on this awesome day. :-)  

Good times! 

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