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"Would You Date A Non-Vegan?"


Rosetta, of Happy Black Woman put on an amazing meet and greet for her readers in DC the other night.  I met 20 of the most beautiful women in the DMV and had a few lively discussions about food, dating, and children.

One of the ladies, asked whether or not I would date a non-vegan.  Even though, I am married, this topic has come up before.  When I first became a vegan, my initial thought was heck no! Over time my thoughts on that have changed.  There are only about 2% of Americans who identify themselves as vegan.


Out of that 2% most are probably women (I don't know though) and out of that number, I'm curious to know how many are black men.  Oh, and just because a man is black, it doesn't mean that I will want to date him. So, I would have to make sure it's a man that I'm actually interested in.

I wonder what percentage I would be left with when all is said and done. 0.05%?

Umm, yeah, my odds are looking pretty slim.

 The bottom line is, if I were to ever date again, the man doesn't have to be a vegan but he would have to be genuinely open-minded and respectful of my decisions.  He would have to be willing to try the food (I refuse to go back to cooking 2 meals), and we would have to share many of the same values.

Would you date a non-vegan? Sound off in the comments below.


What I ate at the meet & greet (La Tasca)


I had the most amazing asparagus sauteed in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.

Also, I ordered fried eggplant with a cheese sauce (I asked them to skip the sauce)-very tasty

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