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brown vegan juice fast

My First Juice Fast-The Ups and Mostly Downs

I watched Fat Sick & Nearly Deadabout 5 months ago, and even though I loved the message, I wasn't moved to juice fast myself until the other day.

I enjoy fresh juiced fruit and vegetables a few times each week, but the idea of not eating for several days was too daunting to imagine actually doing for myself.  

I was on Twitter minding my business (well not really but you know what I mean) when a lady I follow mentioned how great she was feeling after juicing for the last 3 days.  A few days later,  I saw she was still going strong and feeling better than ever. 

Day 1 Monday, Feb 28 - I didn't plan to fast when I woke up, so my day started off pretty normal.  I drank some lavender tea, got the kids ready for school and started working on a project.  Before I realized it, it was after 3 PM and I went the day without eating.  I was feeling okay and juiced apples, carrots, and ginger as a late lunch.

6 PM- I was feeling like crap because the family was eating dinner and I could smell it.  Thankfully, my hubby made Gardein "chicken" and tator tots for the kids, so I didn't actually have to see it.

9:30 PM-I made a pot of lemon grass tea, opened the refrigerator and stared at the contents. *Sigh*

I went to bed with a headache and had a hard time falling asleep because I kept thinking about bagels and fried rice.

Day 2-I woke up craving fish (I haven't had fish since 2008!) and french fries but started the day with a pot of lavender tea. 


I have to admit that I was feeling a little better even though I still had a slight headache. I made juice for lunch and made dinner that night.  I ate dinner too.

Day 3-I woke up with renewed energy.  I guess eating dinner does that to you. *shaking my head* I juiced grapes and carrots for breakfast and felt okay for most of the day.  Since my juicer doesn't extract green leafy vegetables very well, I decided to also incorporate smoothies into my fast. I hoped this would help me to also stay "fuller" longer.

3 PM- I made a smoothie out of cilantro, water, frozen peaches, and bananas. It wasn't the tastiest blend but it did a good job of making me feel full for a bit. 


I was good until dinner. I tasted a bit of the tofu, cabbage, and red onion stir-fry to make sure it had enough seasoning. Dumb move.  I ate dinner with my family again.


Did mention that I made corn muffins too? Sigh

Much respect to the people who can cook for their families and still keep up with their fast. 


My lack of planning sabotaged me from the beginning. 

*I can't be around food at all if I do this again. I underestimated my willpower in that aspect-Meals would have to be planned in advance.

*Don't limit myself-be very active in getting plenty of water, herbal tea, and juice before the hungry pains & headaches start.

*Be active-I spent too much time thinking about food.  I need to make sure I have plans to keep myself as busy as possible.

Thinking about doing your own juice fast?

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