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decluttering bedroom

Declutter Mission: Master Bedroom

Am I the only one who feels like a slob while lurking on blogs like IHeart Organizing & Honey We're Honey?  Their spaces look so organized, are beautifully decorated, but still maintain that lived in appeal.

Like I mentioned in this post, I'm working on tackling each room to minimize all of the junk we have.

Even though I did a lot of decluttering last year, it truly is an ongoing process.  You have to be willing to declutter at least every 3 months to keep everything in order.

I've decided to document my progress on the blog to embarrass myself into getting it together and hopefully inspire someone else to take a look at their bedroom drawers.

Warning: Get ready for a lot of brown and minimal decoration. I didn't stage the room at all. *Maybe I shoud have* lol


The next few pictures prove out of sight, out of mind is real.  It takes no time to toss items in a drawer and forget about them.

Nightstand top drawer


Duplicate camera batteries, tangled cords, an empty checkbook (only carbon copies) outdated business cards, soap nuts (I have no idea why these are in my nightstand because my laundry area is downstairs), and savings bonds that should probably be a safe deposit box.


Drawer #2 Random papers and overdue library books


Drawer #3-more overdue library books (see how not being organized is costing me money?), important papers (birth certificates, passports, the kids' journals, etc.)

Next up the armoire-----This part of the room is the most embarrassing


More outdated business cards, clothes we don't wear, and papers.

Plan of Action:

*Clean out nightstand

*move my nightstand back over by my bed and take the desk & chair out of the closet for the desktop computer

*Get rid of duplicate items such as phone & camera chargers, dried out pens, and other randomness

*Get rid of unnecessary papers

*Put the overdue library books near the front door for drop off

*Dust, vacuum, and wipe down the baseboards

The Results....

I didn't move the clutter from one part of the room/house to another (except for the soap nuts-I put those in the laundry closet & put the blanket in the linen closet).  What you see is what you get.  I trashed or donated everything I didn't need. I also folded up that basket of laundry. lol  I don't believe in organizing my junk (putting them in fancy containers) or saving items that I "may need later."


 I love having my nightstand back by the bed and my vision board at eye level-opposed to on the floor where it was before.


The nightstand....

Drawer #1


I used a rubber band to secure all the cords and a small plastic container from the kitchen for my calculator, book light, iPod, etc.

Drawer #2


The notebooks on the left are for the letters the kids and I write back and forth to each other.  I got this great idea from my friend,  Justburr.  On the right, I have my journal.

Drawer #3


EMPTY! Oh yeah :-)

The armoire


I turned it at an angle to help it flow better with the room. I also organized the important papers in white binders


Alvin seems be digging the new space.

Do you struggle with keeping everything organized?

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