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flour tortillas at chipotle vegan

What We Ate Today #8 Vegan Family Meals | Video

 I love showing easy and delicious vegan meals that you can enjoy with the family. 

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Breakfast: Puffins multigrain cereal (the cereal featured in the video & picture is NOT vegan; here's a list of the vegan-friendly ones from the same company-scroll to the bottom of this page), almond milk & nectarine


It's crazy because when I skimmed the ingredients, I just knew this multigrain one would be vegan over their peanut butter, fruit medley & cocoa crunch (which is all vegan), since it's plain and has less ingredients.

This Puffins multigrain cereal contains vitamin D3 which is derived from an animal source (I believe sheep's wool).

At first I was pissed about featuring a non-vegan product in this video, but decided the lesson was too important to leave out that footage.  Even after 4 years on this journey, I still don't always get it right. 

I do the best I can daily and hope you do the same in your own journey. :-)

Progression over perfection, baby.


Lunch: Thai noodles from Forks Over Knives

My kids have a love/hate thing with sprouts, so I left those off. I doubled this recipe, so there was enough for lunch the next day. Get the full recipe here 


Dinner: Chipotle-white rice, black beans, fajitas, guacamole, mild salsa, lettuce

When buying or eating burritos out, be sure to check to make sure it doesn't contain lard (which is an animal byproduct). As far as I know, the flour tortillas at Chipotle are vegan-friendly. Articles here & here 

Another vegan option at Chipotle is getting the same ingredients in one of their veggie bowls. You can also ask for their vegetarian/vegan pinto beans, brown rice and sofritas

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