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vegan meal planning for a family

Does Buying Whole Foods Save Money?

I think so.

Nope, I'm not talking about Whole Foods Market AKA Whole Check, but whole ingredients -  fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts & seeds.

Vegan meal planning can be expensive (it used to be very expensive for us) but focusing on whole ingredients, planning your meals and having a well-stocked pantry will save you tons of money long-term.

We spend between $600-$650 a month on groceries for our family of 5.  I shop once a week and usually work off a grocery list using recipes from cookbooks and blogs.


Some weeks I spend less than $100 on food for the whole week. No lie. I find that I spend less when I have a well-stocked pantry of beans, legumes, rice, quinoa, flour, spices, canned tomatoes, oil, flax seed, canned coconut milk and nutritional yeast.

This didn't happen overnight for me, though. It took me a while to get the hang of meal planning because it was hard not seeing meat as the center of a meal. The good news is, I was willing to experiment and made the decision early on that I wanted this lifestyle to work long-term for our family.

I wrote a post a while ago talking about a few of my go-to meals that not only save time but also tons of money. Check it out here.


What about your grocery bill? Do you save money by sticking to a lot of whole foods? 


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The $100 Vegan Challenge is Coming & Grocery Haul

I've learned a lot since my last $100 challenge and look forward to doing another one in the next few weeks.

If you're not familiar, last year I spent $100 on food for one week to debunk the myth that all vegan eating is expensive.

We typically spend about $650 per month on food, so $100 was really pushing it. We survived.

I'm feeling more confident this time around and look forward to sharing the recipes and our experience.

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Read more about the $100 challenge here.

Here's a video of my last grocery store trip...

I spent $135 on this trip but several factors went into the cost...

*I had all 3 kids with me

*I purchased a lot of organic products

*I purchased some vegan pre-packaged food-always a budget buster

Without those factors, my bill could have easily been reduced by about $25.

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