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I Don't Like All Vegan Restaurants


Hubby and I headed to Sunflower a few weeks ago for date night. I've been wanting to get back there since devouring their tofu & veggie sandwich a few months ago.


We started off with an avocado roll-it was just ok


Hubby ordered steamed kabocha, root vegetables & hijiki, burdock, tofu, rice, & curry rice.


I ordered tofu with noodles, carrots and mushrooms-the noodles were too soft and overall the dish was bland.  


Dessert: Avocado Lemon Pie with a scoop of vegan ice cream-I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I ordered this. I love avocado and lemon, so I figured having them in a pie would rock. I think the consistency is what messed me up. It reminded me too much of Jello.

 I always try to support vegan establishments but Sunflower just didn't do it for us.

The service was blah and the food just ok, so I highly doubt we will be back.

Next time I will let hubby pick the restaurant.

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Vegan While Out: Strange Matter


I had lunch with my bud, Michelle at a restaurant in Richmond called Strange Matters. This was my first time visiting and boy did I goin on the vegan friendly menu.  

I should be embarrassed to show you my greedy I was but I'm not. lol Here goes....


I started off with dessert lol *shaking my head* Donut holes-Some were fried a little harder than I expected but overall pretty good


Appetizer-Tofu satay with peanut dipping sauce


Portobello cheese steak-delicious! Portobello mushrooms, vegan cheese, grilled onion & peppers


Lastly, I had a bowl of vegan mac & cheese....It was okay but the one I make at home is better.

Now you see why my stomach was hurting.

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Vegan While Out: Karyn's Raw Cafe (Chicago)

After talking to Christa about Karyn Calabrese's raw vegan restaurant, I made it my first stop when I landed in Chicago last week.

The title of Karyn's book is so comical to me. LOL

I haven't read it yet, but based on the description, she talks a lot about eating a raw diet rich in fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.  Karyn is 64 years old and credits her over thirty years of healthy eating and detoxification for maintaining her youthful appearance and energy. Go Karyn!

I liked how intimate and relaxing the decor was.  The sitting area was for about 15 and there was a separate health food store with mostly Karyn’s products next door.

I started off with a shot of wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is beneficial in lowering blood pressure,  has a high concentration of chlorophyll, and is said to have anti-aging properties.

Appetizer- Raw, vegan nachos - Delicious!  Crispy corn tortilla chips with guacamole, sweetened sour cream, black olives, marinated red onions, caramelized jalapeños

This dish made me consider getting a Excalibur Dehydrator and making my own nachos at home.

Main Entree~Empanadas - made from flax and corn masa pastry dough stuffed with three pepper chorizo and house blend chili spice

Served with a side of authentic raw chocolate mole and a salsa verde

Dessert - coconut ice cream with strawberries and coconut wafers-Yummy!

Great service and a nice date spot. I visited this restaurant with my male cousin who has never considered a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and he enjoyed all of the dishes.

Vegan food isn't meant to make your life restrictive, but is a way to eat what you want in a healthier way.

Happy eating!

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