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vegan without a juicer

Fresh Juice Without A Juicer

I got rid of my juicer about 2 months ago.

*waits for the vegan po-po to snatch my membership card*

In all seriousness, my cheap juicer just didn't work for me anymore. I found it wasteful (the fruit pulp always very wet after extraction) and cleaning the multiple parts got old fast. Plus, I was too lazy to compost the pulp and the subpar juicer didn't like green leafy vegetables.


I've always been more of a smoothie mama anyway, so there's no love lost (or money) since I didn't technically pay for it.  I used my debit card points to purchase but wish I used those points toward a flight. Just saying

Don't get my wrong, I'm not against juicing at all.  In fact, I think juicing is wonderful if you have a picky child or you want to increase your vegetable/fruit intake.  I just have a problem with the inferior juicers taking up space in most department stores. In my opinion, juicers are one of those appliances that you have to spend some serious dough on to get the full benefits.

But I digress.....

Want fresh juice but a juicer isn't in the budget right now?  No worries-your blender can handle that task for you.

You just blend your fruit/vegetables with water and use a nut milk or paint bag to strain it.

Here's a video demonstrating the process....

Maybe one day I will go fancy. *giggles*

Have you had a better experience with inexperience juicers?

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