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why i stay a vegan

Why I STAY A Vegan

I was working on a draft for this post and came across this article by Russell Simmons that summed up everything I wanted to write about.  

I am an ethical vegan.

There are many reasons why I became a vegan, and even though health is on the list, it's not the main reason. I continue with this lifestyle because of the environmental, human rights, and animal cruelty subjected in the name of meat and profit.

When I started this blog, I went back and forth about whether or not I should share a lot of my views because I understand that many of them aren't very popular. I grew up in Virginia Beach near PETA's headquarters and didn't agree with many of their abrasive tactics (paint throwing, harsh judgement, protesting, etc.), so I try hard not to be that type of vegan. 

My plan with this blog is not to convert anyone to veganism but to display delicious vegan recipes and provide information. I want to offer a non-judgmental approach to compassionate eating for your family, other families, the planet, and our non-human friends.  

Take a few moments and read Simmons' article on Global Grind for more information on my views.  

Also, when you have the time, listen to a few of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's podcasts. She's knowledgeable, approachable, compassionate, and down-to-earth-An example of the type of vegan I strive to be.


With Colleen (middle) at Veg Fest DC

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