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why isn't white sugar vegan?

Replace White Sugar with These 4 Alternatives


All sugar isn't created equally...

                                     "Peanut! Fix us a couple glasses of Kool-Aid."                                                  "Grape or red?" 

                                     "Peanut! Fix us a couple glasses of Kool-Aid."
                                               "Grape or red?" 

Did you know that a lot of conventional white sugar isn't even vegan?

Majority of it is refined with bone char (from cattle bones) so it isn't considered vegan. 

Read more about that here 

If you want to avoid white sugar overall in your homemade recipes, check out these four alternatives....


Organic Raw Sugar - I use this in baked goods like these cupcakes pineapple coffee cake  


Maple syrup (all natural) I use it in recipes like these easy chocolate pops


Dates - Medjool are my fave dates! They're big, super sweet,  juicy and work perfectly in raw vegan desserts (no bake), smoothies and as a great snack with peanut butter.

I also used it in this donut hole recipe


Coconut sugar - I haven't used this one yet but I've been thinking about it ever since Crafty Earth Mama mentioned it as a more natural and healthy replacement in our podcast episode.

Read more about alternatives for sugar and see the list of white sugar companies that don't use bone char in their production here.


How do you sweeten your desserts?



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