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This Tip Will Help You Go Vegan With Your Family

Every.single. meal. was a debate when we started our vegan journey back in 2010. Even though my husband thought it was a great idea for me go vegan, he still wanted chicken, beef and cheesy pizza on his own plate.

My son, Elijah (the pickiest eater of the 3 boys), only wanted chicken nuggets and french fries.

He didn't even want vegetables on his plate....

I already wasn't the most confident about cooking this new (vegan) way, so listening to chatter from the peanut gallery made me even more insecure.

I won't lie, there were times when I just wanted to give up.  

Change can be hard for so many of us.  

Fear of the unknown, not being sure what to eat, and dealing with complaints can have you even more discouraged.

I promise when you're consistent and persistent the transition will get better!

Our family is living proof of this.


~Replace ingredients to make their favorite meals vegan~

Instead of feeling like you can't eat certain foods anymore, replace them with compassionate and healthier plant-based alternatives.

With my son Elijah, I replaced his love of chicken nuggets with Gardein vegan chicken tenders and roasted his potatoes instead of buying them at a drive-thru.

Here's a very familiar vegan meal you can introduce to your family tonight...
I love spaghetti because it's delicious, filling and inexpensive.
-Spaghetti in the box (most of the pasta in your grocery aisle is vegan-be sure to check ingredients)
-Marinara sauce (saute onion, garlic, and dry oregano to add more flavor to your sauce)
-Add vegan crumbles from a brand like Beyond Meat (found at Target and many other stores) into the sauce. You can also use cooked lentils and sautéed mushrooms
Cook and serve like normal and I doubt your family will even question it!

If you need more info on how to make a vegan version of spaghetti, check out my previous blog post and video.

Think about some of your family's favorite meals and how you can make those meals vegan. 

Be gentle with yourself and your family as much as possible as you move forward. Sometimes it can feel like a roller coaster ride, but I promise the transition will get better as get more consistent.

If we can do it, I know you can, too! 

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