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Vegan Family Grocery Haul + Free Meal Plan | April 2016 (VIDEO)

Is this your situation?

You're ready to start a vegan journey, but you don't know what to put on your grocery list or what to eat. I remember this life!

Here's the thing - The real question is, do you have a meal plan? Having a plan before you go to the store will make it super easy to determine what you should buy.

If vegan meal planning is new to you, spend some time looking for recipes on YouTube, Pinterest, cookbooks (I usually get them from the library) and food blogs like Minimalist Baker.

Also, it's really helpful to make a vegan version of meals you're already eating to save time.

Since I know vegan meal planning and grocery shopping can be overwhelming, I put together a grocery haul video for you.

In this video, I go over how l use each ingredient for my own family's meal plan, so you can see meal planning and grocery shopping in action.

Watch the video here....

I went to Wegmans and spent $173.09 for our family of 5. This food lasted about a week and we spend $750 - $800 a month on groceries each month.

Brands mentioned in the video:
Field Roast chao slices
Tofutti cream cheese
Field Roast vegan sausage
Gardein crabless cakes


Some of the recipes I made using ingredients in the video...

Fried rice

Sausage & broccoli stir-fry

Macaroni & Cheese

Alfredo pasta

Portobello lasagna


Previous videos mentioned in the above video:

Kale salad recipe video

Ben & Jerry's vegan ice cream video

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