Vegan Family Grocery Haul | Wegmans

One of the reasons I've been able to stay on this vegan journey for 5 years is by always going to the grocery store with a detailed meal plan.

Tip for you:

Use a spiral notebook and jot down what you're eating for the week and what ingredients you need to pick up.

Not only does this keep your budget in check, but it will also get you in and out of the store in a reasonable time (even on crazy weekends).

I remember those days of being confused about what I should or shouldn't buy and wondering if my family would even embrace this new life with me. 

I will say that once you're consistent, patient with yourself and family (believe me I know the struggle) and open to learning a new way of doing things, you will find that it isn't too difficult to stay on track. 

Wegmans is my fave grocery store ever!

On this recent trip, we spent $151. This is enough groceries for about a week and a half for our family of 5.

Check out the full video here....

Recipes we made:

Green chickpea curry with couscous from Minimalist Baker

Lentil tacos

Coconut lentil soup 

Green chili veggie burgers from Minimalist Baker

BBQ tofu

Broccoli & vegan sausage stir-fry 

Chickpea Mac

Chipotle black bean tortilla soup from Minimalist Baker 


Brands mentioned:

Snapea Crisps - Only the lightly salted and pepper version of this brand are vegan 

GT's Kombucha 

Field Roast hotdogs

Field Roast sausage 

Earth Balance vegan margarine 


Where do you grocery shop? Leave a comment below