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Here's how to be vegan at cookouts this summer


It's that time of year again!

Fireworks, sticky weather, family, beaches, & good food!

I used to feel so awkward at cookouts. I would stand around with my fruit salad while everyone else chowed down on ribs, hotdogs, and potato salad.


It's crazy how when you go vegan, you realize just how much meat, dairy & eggs are in so many dishes while eating out.

With that said, over time it does get a lot easier at cookouts.

Here are some tips to make cookout season a little easier:

  • Bring a delicious dish to share (also so you're guaranteed to have something to eat lol). Don't feel like you have to bring up the fact that your dish is vegan. Just put your bowl down with the rest of the food and let them enjoy. :-)

  • Eat before you go and after you leave - I'm the queen of hitting up Chipotle on the way home from any social event. You can also stash nuts, fruit, and seeds in your car to hold you over until you get back home.

  • Try to see social events as an opportunity to connect...NOT eat - Sometimes I struggle with this one. For most of us, cookouts are just as much about the food as it is about spending time with family and friends. Try to see these occasions as being more about connecting with family and friends and less about the food. I know this is easier said than done, but it gets easier after a while.

  • Feel like sipping on a cocktail or three (I ain't judging!)? Check out barnivore and see which of your fave beer/wine/liquor are already vegan.

  • Don't preach! Just chat with those who want to know more (and people will) in the most loving way possible. Try not to get defensive when someone has a sly comment. It happens! *sigh*

Enjoy your cookout season!

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