Why My Kids Aren't Vegan

One of the questions I get quite often is whether or not my hubby & kids are vegan.

In this video, I share that answer and some tips on how to start a vegan journey with your family.

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When we started this journey back in 2010, I wanted everyone to be vegan.

I remember being conflicted because my two older kids would go to their dad's house on the weekends, so it was hard for them to maintain there.

These days, my kids eat vegan at home and have the option to eat what they choose while dining out.

I know this may not be the most popular way to do it, but we all have to do what works best for our family situation.


Tips on how to get your kids to eat more vegetables and vegan meals:

  • Add greens to your kids' smoothies--perfect with breakfast and as a snack. Spinach is a great start because you don't taste it.
  • Add an extra vegetable to the dinner plate to help crowd out some of the meat and dairy.
  • Make a vegan version of some of their favorite meals, so it doesn't feel like you're making a huge sacrifice. 
  • Get your kids involved in meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking --Kids are less likely to reject something they helped put together.
  • Be clear about why you're going vegan -- Have a conversation with your family and watch documentaries together.
  • Be gentle with yourself and your family as your transition to vegan life -- It's a process and takes time to get adjusted to this amazing new lifestyle. You can do it!


Resources mentioned in the video:

Store bought vegan chicken nuggets are the Gardein brand -- you can find their products in the frozen section at most grocery stores.

The homemade vegan chicken recipe is here 


Is everyone in your house vegan or is your approach similar to mine?

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