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Here are some questions I received in my Instagram DMs the other day...


The good news is, you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to start your podcast. In fact, when I started my podcast, I used the voice memo on my iPod to record episode and free software to edit (I still use free lol).

I suggest you start and make improvements as you move forward.

Here's what I use right now to get the job done....

What do you use to record episodes?


I use Skype and ecamm (to record interviews), Audacity (to record solo episodes), a Blue Yeti microphoneZRAMO pop filter, and Sennheiser headphones. 

What do you use to edit the podcast content?


I use Audacity to edit my episodes. It's a free software that you can download here.

What do you use to upload your content?

I use Libsyn to upload and host all my podcast episodes. 


Don't think about it too much! Just start! :-)

Leave your podcast questions in the comments below.

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Even though I have a love/hate thing going with social (really working on loving it more these days lol), I do understand how important it is for building and growing your business.

Since Instagram will only allow one link on your profile and no clickable links on the actual caption, I want to show you how to get the most of this prime social media real estate. 


You can simply use one domain to link to multiple pages/links on your Instagram profile. This method is perfect if you have several pieces of content, opt-ins and products/services to promote on your Instagram page.

Here an example of how I use it on my Brown Vegan Instagram page.

I promote a blog post here...


And a free opt in here...


On both posts, I tell my audience that there's link on my bio to access the content. 

Here are 2 ways you can set up your multiple links on your Instagram profile:

You can use Linktree (a free software that will link all the content you want)...


Or you can set up a new page on your website to host the page (I use Squarespace to host my website)...


Click below to watch the full video on how to make it happen for your Instagram profile...

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Do you have a dope idea for an online business but you're not sure where to start?

Maybe you're concerned that you don't have time to get started while working full-time.

Or maybe you're not very tech savvy and think starting an online business will be expensive and overwhelming.

I get it!

I had those same concerns when I started my Brown Vegan business back in 2013.

In a busy online world, here are 3 crucial steps you must take to start (and grow) your online business with the biggest impact.... (The beauty is, you can begin all 3 steps for free, it doesn't take a long time and it doesn't require you to have a lot of tech skills.)


1) Put yourself out there with video - In 2017 you must be willing to incorporate video into your brand to really stand out. I know. I know. You would much rather hide under a blanket and nap all day than to put yourself on camera. Get over it, boo! Video is powerful and the only way to get over the discomfort is by doing it.

According to Facebook, "By 2021, video will account for more than 70% of all mobile data traffic."

The good news is, you don't need a fancy camera and movie quality lighting to get started. In fact, your phone and natural light (from the sun) is all you need to make it happen. Video is an amazing way to build a genuine connection with your audience, so they can grow to like, trust and buy from you.

Related: Why You Don't Need Thousands of Dollars to Get Started with Video


2) Grow an email list - I remember when I didn't understand why an email list was important. Now I know you must grow and nurture an email list to build a strong online business. Your email list will allow you to connect with your audience (outside of social media), establish yourself as an expert and sell your products and services. I don't care what anyone says, it's hands down the most effective way to make consistent sales. You can easily set up your email list (for free) using an email marketing platform like MailChimp.


3) Be consistent on social media - Love it or hate it, social media is very important for building your business. There are so many choices these days and you really don't need to be everywhere to build a strong brand. Pick 2-3 platforms based on where your audience is hanging out and be consistent there. Have no idea where to start? I recommend Instagram.


In Simple Side Hustle I will give you step-by-step strategies to start your business using video, social media and list building.

You will learn:

  • How to determine who your audience is and how to attract those people to you

  • How to start an email list (the best way to generate online income) and offer an irresistible free offer to get more subscribers.

  • The blueprint you need to produce live and recorded video, how to get comfortable on camera and how to make quality video without spending thousands of dollars.

  • How to determine which social media platforms you should be, how to use social to grow your email list, and how to schedule your content to save time during the busy work week.

After working with me in Simple Side Hustle, you will be armed with the strategies to immediately start and streamline your business.

Let's set the stage to make your side hustle a reality while you take care of your family and full-time work.

You have to start your business before you're ready! You will never feel ready but you must move forward anyway.

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On my Instagram (and via email), I often get questions about how I post pre-recorded videos similar to this one on Instagram...

In the tutorial below, I give you step-by-step directions on how to just that. One of the main benefits to posting clips on social media (especially Instagram) is to entice people to watch my full video on YouTube and/or my website. 

Check out the vid....

Software mentioned:
Square Video

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