I like running outside more than feeling like a hamster on a wheel in the gym.  Usually at the gym I'm staring impatiently  at the timer, praying this torture will end soon.  Being outside gives me an opportunity to breathe fresh air, pace myself better, clear my thoughts, and take in the beautiful surroundings.

I'm hoping the vacation condo has walking/running trails, so that I continue to be with nature.

I was able to wake up 15 mins (6:15) earlier than I typically do.  My goal is to start my daily journey at 5 AM and be in the bed reading by 10.

While on my run, I thought about all the things that I'm thankful for at that very moment:

*Strong legs that allow me to conquer the asphalt in my neighborhood

*The ability to smell the beautiful flowers

*Being able to listen to the sweet sounds of nature-the birds chirping and bees buzzing

Day 5 is complete