Day #1 in Disney World

As I type this I have visions of sleep in my near future.  I got about 5 hours of sleep last night and woke up at 5:30 AM to get ready for our 12 PM flight to Orlando.

Eric and I opened our bedroom door to get the boys up with the camera in hand. The joke was on us; all three boys were bright eyed and bushy tailed on the living room couch anticipating our arrival.

At the airport, the boys chatted up with the pilot and even took a tour of the cockpit.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that because I was busy having a meltdown because I thought I lost our bag with my wallet and other personal information. Thankfully the bag was recovered.  : -)

Alvin and my sister before take off

Footage of the boys "1st time" airplane experience

After stopping at Publix for food and unpacking some of our clothes, we took Alvin and Simon out to the tiny pool on the condo's property.

Overall we had a great day.  I'm trying so hard not to be negative about the condo but it isn't what I expected.  The owner stated it was "brand new" with "plush carpet". In my opinion, the place is awful.  I feel so uncomfortable here.  The carpet is dirty, the fridge doesn't get cold (on it's coldest setting), the bathroom and kitchen are dated, it's very dusty, the building doesn't look like anyone has taken time to care for it, etc.  I could go on and on...I admit that I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to rentals/hotels, but I'm upset the owner misrepresented the property.  The irony is, I felt most comfortable with my interactions with him opposed to the other people who responded.  I feel so bad because I don't want to ruin everyone else's vacation but.... *sigh*.  I plan to drink plenty of beer (rarely drink beer) to fall asleep tonight.  Hopefully when I wake up I will realize that the house isn't so bad and will spend some time cleaning it to my standards. *wishful thinking*