Disney Day#2

I woke up yesterday morning feeling better about the condo.  I did some cleaning and tried not to look down at the carpet. LOL  I didn't have to avoid the matted carpet for long though because we headed to Magic Kingdom at about 12:30 PM.  My old friend from middle school works at another Disney park and hooked us up with discounted tickets! Woo-hoo!

I was concerned about it being the 2nd day in the row that I wasn't able to workout but those feelings soon dissipated once we started walking around the park.  There was A LOT of walking and I think I sweated about 5 buckets of water.  Hopefully, I was able to lose about 3 lbs during the visit. *wishful thinking*

I'm not sure what kind of bird this is but everyone seemed amazed at them (including me) and kept taking pictures.  I also saw many kids (including mine) chasing them.

Chilling with Simon on the Tom Sawyer boat

Exploring Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn's island-I'm still debating whether or not to select one of Twain's books for our next bedtime selection for obvious reasons.

Waiting in the Haunted Mansion line

The Hubs and I were both selected (on two separate rides) to hold the red badge to help Disney track the hold time for rides.  Disney is EXTREMELY efficient and I love it.  I see why there is so much repeat business to their parks.  Once you've experienced a Disney park there's not going back to Kings Dominion or Six Flags.  There are TONS of people in line but they move quickly and on most occasions you're standing in an air conditioned building.
Cinderella's Castle at dusk-Beautiful!

We had breakfast at the condo and since we packed lunch (to save money) decided to have dinner at the park.  I was VERY surprised at how reasonable the food was!  We fed 6 people on $70.  The best part is there was a vegetarian option for me.  My meal could have been vegan but since I'm not 100% certain, I will call it vegetarian.

Hummus sandwich with some type of slaw


The fireworks display was spectacular!

We left the park at midnight and everyone was beyond exhausted.  Good times!