Disney Day #3

I woke up early this morning (I can't help it) and decided to relax after a long day at Magic Kingdom yesterday.  Eric took Theo and Alvin to Tampa to visit his dad and stepmom and I enjoyed a quiet day with my sister and Simon.  Simon decided to stay behind because he woke up with a swollen face.  He is allergic to something here and we haven't figured it out yet.  It may be the detergent on his sheets? He said he feels fine and we've been giving him Benadryl.

He people watched and viewed a Parking Wars marathon with my sister Toni; while I napped and worked on some sociology homework.

Alvin and Theo came back from Tampa with gifts such a toy parakeet, watch, lighthouse statue, and other knick knacks.  As nice as those gifts were, I couldn't help think that I don't want anymore clutter in their bedroom.  I spent a great deal of time last week sorting toys, books, clothing, art supplies, etc. and the last time I want to do is being confusion back into their serene space. *sigh* It's so hard to say "no" to grandparents.  Before the trip, my mom gave me $100 for them to pick out souvenirs and I'm hoping they opt for practical choices at Hollywood Studios next week.

In any event, here's a picture of Theo showing off his wooden parakeet.  The boys came back at about 10 PM and Alvin refused to pose for pictures.  He took a shower, whined a bit about the noise from the neighboring condo and in typical Alvin fashion fell asleep midway through complaints.