Disney Day #5

We woke up this morning with no plans for the day and I loved it.  We slept in, had a late breakfast and piled in the truck to sightsee at about noon.  We ended up at a small amusement park named Fun Spot in Kissimmee.

My sister Toni has ALWAYS been the daredevil in our family.  She was sooo excited
when she saw the bungee jumping contraction when we entered the parking lot . She quickly paid her $40 and strapped up.

A great way to quench your thirst-NOT!

Theo was too scared to ride the slide alone, so The Hubs had to join him.

Hanging with my twin :-)

My sister said she felt like vomiting after being on this ride.  She is said it was worse than bungee jumping. How is that possible? LOL